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Nanette's Blog

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My Summer Body: Comfortable in my Own Skin

Publié par NanetteOsgood sur 11 Août 2016, 02:36am

Catégories : #Bikini, #Diet, #Fitness, #Workout

Cute Bikini
Cute Bikini

Summer is here, and I have a story to tell about being more comfortable in my own skin. I've never really been fat or skinny--just something "average" or in between I guess. But I have gained a little bit of weight over the past few years. I really noticed it this year when I was looking for a swimsuit to wear to the beach. I looked in the mirror in the dressing room and I just wasn't completely satisfied with my body. It's not that I expect to look like a model, but I knew I could look better if I applied myself and put my heart and soul into it.

I wasn't sure exactly what I should do as far as working out. Fortunately I found the Bikini Body Workouts Guide by Jen Ferruggia. I was extremely pleased with this program because it didn't cost an arm and a leg and I didn't even have to wait for it to arrive in the mail (it is 100% digital). I read over it and could tell it was going to be the right plan for me. The videos were especially nice because it helped me freshen up my knowledge on how to do exercises (I have worked out before but it's been a while).

The nutrition guide was especially helpful because I've never really watched my diet too much. I learned some extremely valuable things about losing fat, which was one of my main goals.

The results? Well, let's just say I went with a two-piece swimsuit this year! My friends have noticed a big difference and asked what I did to get in such good shape. Some of them have decided to try Jen's program. There are plenty of good workouts available, but I would recommend Ferruggia's for women who want a bikini body.


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